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Treatment Princible

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo removal by Q-switched laser uses a process known as the 'photoacoustic effect'. When the laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo pigment an extremely high temperature is generated - typically thousands of degrees. However, this high temperature is not sustainable and so it 'collapses.'

This produces an acoustic wave to form around the pigment particles. The result of this wave is a shattering of the particles of ink into smaller fragments. The body's own defense mechanisms then remove these smaller particles leaving behind the larger tattoo pigmentation. Subsequent treatments will induce the same 'shattering' effect on the remaining ink particles until they eventually all disappear.

how tattoo removal works

Home-made, amateur tattoos usually require between 4 and 6 repeat sessions to remove the ink completely, while professional tattoos can require up to 12 or more (depending on how much ink is contained within the tattoo and clients own response).

The main advantage of using the Q-switched laser is that there is virtually no possibility of scarring! Since there is no lasting thermal insult to the skin there is no time for tissue destruction and subsequent scar formation.

Tattoos really do disappear over time and, in many cases, leave absolutely no trace behind them

laser tattoo removal

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