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Servicing & Maintenence

Servicing & Maintaining your Laser

supportEclipse Lasers Ltd offer back to base servicing & maintenance by our factory trained UK service engineers.

Machines have to be drained of all water and returned by courier in its original packaging and flight-case to ensure it travels as safely as possible.

For all machines under warranty a loan machine will be dispatched within 24 business hours for you to use whilst your machine is being serviced.

We always aim for a quick turnaround but sometimes things are out of our control (i.e. waiting for non-standard parts).


The most essential thing you must do is regular water changes, we advise once a month using de-ionised water (car battery water), failure to do this will risk a build up of scale and the water stagnating, which can even turn moldy if left long enough! This will restrict the water flow, reduce effectiveness and run the risk of overheating and burning the handpiece out. Signs of lack of water changes will invalidate any warranty.

The main serviceable part is the handpiece, the flashlamp inside will get weaker over time and eventually need replacing. All handpieces are guaranteed for 600,000 shots although most can, and do, reach much higher.

We do advise that once you do get past 1,200,000 shots to seriously consider investing in a new handpiece as your laser will be far more effective again.

Eclipse Lasers ltd can offer new, or factory refurbished handpieces in part exchange for your old one when the time comes.

REMEMBER ! - Your replacement handpiece will be A LOT more powerful than your old worn one so re-patch testing is essential to establish your reduced settings for each client.


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