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Classes of Laser

This is a brief overview on the different classes of lasers. Our Q-Switched Nd:YAG Lasers are Class 4

For more in-depth information on Laser Classification visit Wikipedia (opens in new window)


Brief Overview

 Class 1 


 A Class 1 laser is safe under all conditions of normal use. This means the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) cannot be exceeded when viewing a laser with the naked eye or with the aid of typical magnifying optics (e.g. telescope or microscope).


 Class 1M


 A Class 1M laser is safe for all conditions of use except when passed through magnifying optics such as microscopes and telescopes.


 Class 2


 A Class 2 laser is considered to be safe because the blink reflex (glare aversion response to bright lights) will limit the exposure to no more than 0.25 seconds. It only applies to visible-light lasers (400–700 nm).


 Class 2M


 A Class 2M laser is safe because of the blink reflex if not viewed through optical instruments


 Class 3R


 A Class 3R laser is considered safe if handled carefully, with restricted beam viewing.


 Class 3b


 Class 3b Lasers are hazardous under direct beam viewing conditions, but are normally safe when viewing diffuse reflections.


 Class 4 


 Class 4 lasers are a hazard to the eye from the direct beam and specular reflections and sometimes even from diffuse reflections. Class 4 lasers can also start fires and can damage skin