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Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing

Tattoo Removal used to be very expensive when it was mainly practiced in specialist clinics offering a variety of Laser and IPL skin treatments prices could start at £80 up to £400 per session!

Since the change in regulations from October 2010 it has become much simpler, and cheaper to provide these services in the UK.**

Quick return in investment

For Tattoo studios this is a now perfectly acceptable treatment to add to your business, suggest to your clients that a few treatments to fade their tattoo will be  enough to leave far more scope with cover ups. No longer limited to 'bigger' and 'darker' to cover their old tattoo.
An estimated 50% of people consider having their tattoos removed and will need repeat visits to achieve the best results, giving you the returning trade every 6~12 weeks, for possibly a year or more.

To keep the sums simple, say your minimum charge is £30 for tattooing, if we apply this to Laser treatment (and this is cheap for tattoo removal treatment), and work it on 5 clients per week having treatments, and 5 new clients in for consultations & patch testing. This can easily be done in one day if you run a weekly clinic for tattoo removal in your studio.

Consultation Fee: £25
Treatment sessions: From £30 to £100 (depending on size)

If you have 5 Consultations per week  = £125

If you have 5 customers per week with an average treatment price of £45 = £225

Total per week: £350

If you brought our CompactPlus laser for £3,500 (inc vat) - Your investment is paid for in a little over 12 WEEKS!

On this basis, your laser clinic can potentially increase your annual turnover considerably.

Out of that you will have to allow for consumables, but from the right source you should only be looking at pennys per pair of disposable gloves and masks etc...

Treatment Times

Application of treatment is quick, especially when you get used to the machine and perfect your technique, the consultations and paper work take longer than the treatment itself (unless you are dealing with a large area), and you could easily be looking at earning £100+ per hour, with probably a maximum of 30 minutes of that hour actually applying treatment.

Retail sales

You can also offer your clients a range of 3rd party after care products for additional revenue.


So you can see that Eclipse Lasers Ltd offer cost effective packages that represent a sound investment with a potentially very quick return, backed with our free loan machine if yours breaks down during the 1 year warranty, ensuring your business suffers minimum disruption or financial loss.