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New Laser and Light Qualifications?

Eclipse Lasers Ltd have had many inquiries regarding the regulations changing for Laser Qualifications.
You will find on the internet a lot of conflicting information and it will appear that it will soon be a legal requirement to obtain a 'Level 4' qualification to carry out non-invasive, non-surgical treatments such as Laser Tattoo Removal.

​In most areas of the UK the current regulatory requirements for laser and IPL operators do not require NVQ’s or any equivalent qualifications.

In January 2016 the Health Education England (HEE) published published two reports aimed at improving and standardising the training available to practitioners who carry out non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as botox, chemical peels, laser hair removal & laser tattoo removal etc.

These reports can be downloaded from the HEE website: (opens in new window)

In September 2018 these new regulations will come into force stipulating that all laser and IPL users must have certain minimum levels of training. 
For Laser Tattoo Removal a Level 5 qualification has been proposed. This is in addition to the need to be trained on your specific laser or IPL system as the settings and method of use of these devices varies from one to another.

Please note that some Environmental Health Officers in certain Boroughs of London are already insisting that users have these qualifications and training in advance of the Sept 2018 deadline as local councils are able to set their own licencing bye-laws.

It has been proposed in the new regulations that a “grand-parenting” clause should enable current users who have sufficient experience and comply with current regulations to continue without the need for the new qualifications – however this cannot be guaranteed as it will depend on the views of the local regulatory body.